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Church Finance Program

Over the years, Global Church Financing has made it as simple as possible for a church to get approved. We developed our program to accommodate any type of church nationwide and help them get financing for any equipment they need!

Fill out our quick and simple application! If you have any questions or inquiries, please call our office at (212) 480-4900 or send us an email!

Some of what we finance…

Church Furniture and Furnishings

Church Furniture is one of our specialties here at Global Church Financing. We have financed every kind of church furniture from pews, to carpets, to baptistries and much more!

Church Maintenance Equipment

Keeping the church looking clean and maintained is an expensive job with expensive equipment. We can help finance everything you need to keep your church looking fresh!

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment plays a big role in the church of today. From cameras to lights to live broadcasting equipment, we can help you get your church ready for service!

Musical Instruments

Music is part of every church. There are a million reasons why your church needs musical incitements. Let us help you get all the instruments you need!

Church Signs

Every church has a sign. The church always has a message to spread and the church sign is the first place to post it. Let us help you get the money to place a sign outside your church!

Day Care Equipment

If you go to church you know that means children will be present. The church is a place where parents trust to put their children in daycare. Make sure you have all the right equipment for safe and trustworthy daycare.

Heating and Air Conditioning

There is nothing worse than a church that is too cold or too hot. We have helped churches across the country keep their congregation comfortable at any time of the year!

Office Equipment

With all the members to keep track of, events going on, fundraising and just keeping on top of all administrative information, every church needs an office. We want to help you get the financing you may need for office furnishings and equipment!

Kitchen Equipment

The Kitchen in a church is a special place. A place that allows a church to feed people as well as entertain people. We get joy in financing kitchen equipment and enabling churches to cook for their congregants and others!